The Shocking Secret About Carrie Underwood No One Ever Knew

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Carrie Underwood’s story is more than just a Hollywood Success story, it’s the realization of an almost impossible dream.


From growing up in the small town of Muskogee, Oklahoma and then choosing to not pursue her dream of singing, one would have never guessed she would become the country sensation she is today.

Carrie was born on March 10th, 1983 and was the daughter of Carole Shatswell and Stephen Underwood. She grew up on a farm just outside Muskogee, Oklahoma, Her father worked in a sawmill and her mother taught elementary school.


From a young age she had an obvious talent for singing and frequently won local talent shows and performed at community events.

When she was 14 years old, she had her first interaction with the world of music. A local admirer of her talent paid for her to audition for Capitol Records. They recognized her obvious talent and began to draw up contracts.

Unfortunately, due to a management change, they cancelled the process for Carrie.


“I honestly think it’s a lot better that nothing came out of it now, because I wouldn’t have been ready then. Everything has a way of working out.” -Carrie

Underwood went back to the high school grind, performing exceptionally at everything she put her mind to. She was a cheerleader, honors society member, softball and basketball player, and graduated salutatorian.

She decided in High school to not pursue a career in music and to instead pursue more “practical” career choices.


“After high school, I pretty much gave up on the dream of singing. I had reached a point in my life where I had to be practical and prepare for my future in the ‘real world.’”

Even though she had an obvious passion for it and the talent, she set her sights on establishing a good life for herself.

She began attending Northeastern State University getting a bachelors degree in mass communication and an emphasis in journalism in 2006.

Just two years before finishing her degree, she received the opportunity of a lifetime.

Carrie had her first audition with the fourth season of American Idol, where she was immediately deemed as one of the favorites to win the entire competition.

Here is her first audition.

She quickly gained a large following as her fans called themselves as ”Carrie’s Care Bears.”

According to the shows producers, Carrie won just about every vote by a land slide in the last few episodes of American Idol.

On May 25th 2005 she performed “Bless the Broken Road” by Rascal Flatts, and went on to win the competition becoming the next American Idol, getting several contracts that were worth more than 1 million dollars, use of a private jet for a year, and a Ford Mustang convertible.

Here’s her breathtaking performance of Bless the Broken road.

When her music career began to rise, she committed to finish college while pursing the career. She immediately shattered several Billboard Top 100 records and even reached double platinum for one of her singles just a few months after winning American Idol.

Her first full length album “Some Hearts” released in November of 2005 sand quickly sold, making it the biggest debut of any country artist since 1991, and also became the best selling country album for both 2006 and 2007. This made Carrie Underwood the first female in history to have back to back honors for Top Country Album.


She has continued on to go on several global tours, host awards shows, record with the likes of Tony Bennett and Randy Travis. She’s come a long way from the high school girl who gave up on her dream.

If there is one thing we can learn from Carrie Underwood, it’s that God has the best timing for all of us, and that even though it may not seem like big things will never happen, it’s never too late.

We’ll continue to follow Carrie on her amazing journey and wish her many more fulfilling years as one of Country’s number one artists.


Keep on singin’ Carrie.

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