Glen Campbell’s Family Just Broke The News We’ve All Feared, He Needs A Miracle

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Glen Campbell’s son shares heartbreaking update on his father’s health, please pray for a miracle!

When Glen Campbell was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease we were all heartbroken. This man has made country music what it is today and to think about him never singing again was devastating.

Campbell’s family recently announced a special album that he recorded before he could no longer seen and it will be released soon. Not long after, his son posted about his father’s diagnosis in a blog post that has us all in tears.

Not only was this a huge adjustment for the family to care for Glen but it was very emotional to watch him lose his ability to speak and sing.

Cal Campbell opened up in a recent blog post to his mother’s website, to help spread awareness about the disease that has been taking his father’s life from him.


The young man opened up about finding out that his father had the disease and just how devastating it truly was. Especially when he started to forget who he was.

It was hard to accept it…

“When your father is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, doctors give you a long and depressing list of things to expect,” He writes in the blog post. “He’ll forget your name and then, eventually, who you are entirely. There won’t be any more chats or heart-to-hearts or fatherly advice. He won’t tell (and retell) you funny stories of things that you said or did as a kid year after year. He won’t walk you down the aisle or spoil, or even know, his grandchildren – and you have to just accept this…”

He went on to share that during the devastating times of watching his father become a different man he started to discover things about himself as well. He learned about new gifts that his father had handed down to him.

Cal realized that he had the gift to sing, and he knew that it was because of his father. This was going to be his way of carrying on his father’s legacy and to help his father always be remembered.

“…as I strummed a chord and opened my mouth to sing, the gift appeared before me,” Cal confessed. “The room suddenly filled and echoed with gifts, with memories, with familiar sounds and tones of home. My father’s gift is inside of me and presents itself every time I sing a note with the same inflections as he would have, or in the same range or style. Even the enjoyment of music itself is a gift that was clearly handed down, and one that is more valuable than anything for sale in any store.”

This hasn’t been easy for the Campbell family but they have continued to keep their heads high and their hearts strong for Glen.

Although he is in the last stages of the disease they want to help bring awareness and education to other families who are facing the same battle. They are using their story to help others and that is something special.

This is so heartbreaking, Please say a prayer for the Campbell’s below.

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