BREAKING: American Icon Dead In New York Hospital, She Was Only 27

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Famous American Icon and activist has just died in a New York hospital at 27 years old.

It was just a couple of days ago that the daughter of Black Lives Matter icon, Eric Garner, died. Apparently she passed away on Saturday after a weeklong hospital stay following a severe heart attack.

The Rev. Al Sharpton released a statement announcing her death at New York hospital.

“She was a warrior to the end. She stood up for justice for her father,” the Rev. Al Sharpton said in announcing the death of Erica Garner, 27, at a New York hospital.

Erica’s official Twitter account confirmed the news, which has been run by her family and friends since she started getting sick. They continued to ask that she be remembered as a mother, daughter, sister and aunt with a heart “bigger than the world.”

It has been a heartbreaking time for the entire family and they didn’t expect it at all. She took after her father in being an activist and grew her own fan base while doing it.

Her father also died after he was being held by a police officer who had him in a choke hold. Apparently the grand jury declined to indict the officer. Eventually the city paid $6 million civil settlement, but of course it didn’t take away the pain of her lost father.

Erica’s father’s last words were that he couldn’t breathe and it soon came a common slogan for all activists.

Garner’s last words, “I can’t breathe,” became a slogan for activists.

This is a devastating time for the Garner family, please continue to keep the in your prayers during this time of loss. I can’t imagine the pain they are feeling from this sudden and tragic loss.

She was a true icon and will never be forgotten.

RIP Erica Garner. 

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