BREAKING: Hollywood Star Found Dead After A Serious Fall

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Famous Hollywood star was just found dead following a devastating fall. I can’t believe this really happened!

He is a fan favorite, and is going to be missed tremendously. The wonderful actor Brent Briscoe has passed away after a very serious fall according to reports.

Briscoe was 56 at the time of his tragic and unexpected death. Meanwhile, he was suffering many complications from the fall.

You may remember him from “Twin Peaks,” or “Parks and Recreation” where he welcomed incoming customers to JJ’s Diner. He was always making people laugh, and he was always authentic in everything that he did.

His manager released a statement regarding his death. Furthermore, he shared that his greatest role was to his family and friends.

Truly a light to everyone who knew him, Brent was one of the most genuine humans. Meanwhile, everyone that met him loved him for who he was, which was pure joy.

“We lost a class act on Wednesday. Brent played hundreds of roles throughout his career but his greatest role was to his family and friends. He was as genuine as they come,” his representative said in a statement.

Some say that his characters in “The Dark Knight Rises,” “The Majestic,” and “Mulholland Drive” were a show of his true self. Very loving and genuine. He was also in a David Lynch film, who called upon Briscoe to play another detective in the recent “Twin Peaks” revival.

“I loved him as an actor and a great person. I’m holding good thoughts for all of you. I will really miss working with Brent again,” Lynch said in a statement.

Briscoe was born in Moberly, Missouri, and graduated from the University of Missouri. He also apprenticed at The Burt Reynolds Jupiter Theatre.

Before he became a huge star he was a writer for the Burt Reynolds sitcom, “Evening Shade.” Meanwhile, that was also his first screen credit as an actor.

From there things only got better. Furthermore, he was truly one of a kind and he will be missed deeply. Please continue to keep his family and friends in your prayers during this difficult time.



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