BREAKING: Hollywood Star Just Shared Devastating Death News, Matt Damon Will Miss You

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Famous Hollywood star just shared death news that has us all in tears. Praying for you!

It has not been the merriest Christmas for actor Matt Damon and his family. It was just announced that his father, Kent, has passed away.

Matt’s representative confirmed the devastating news to Boston Globe stating that Kent died at the age of 74. He passed away on December fourteenth, twenty seventeen.


Apparently the actor’s father had been battling cancer for several years by now. They announced the cancer diagnosis publicly back in 2011 and shared that he was in remission.

Kent was suffering from the rare blood disease multiple myeloma.

“It’s been a slow unfolding, my dad’s sick, so that’s been a process we’re going through,” the actor told Extra earlier this month. “We’ll take any prayers you got.”

Matt, 47, has been acting for quite some time now, and his fans have grown to know his father. It was reported that Matt had canceled several appearances recently because he wanted to be by his dad’s side.

This was all while promoting his new movie Downsizing. In October, he skipped the 2017 Britannia Awards in England, where he was honored with the Stanley Kubrick Award for Excellence in Film, to return home to Boston.

Anyone that is a Matt Damon fan knows that he and his father were extremely close. This has been a very difficult time for him and his family.

In 2011 Matt and his father even helped honor the doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital. This is where Kent had been receiving treatment.

“We’ve lost some close personal friends to cancer in recent years, but I never thought it would happen to my dad, the marathon runner,” Matt said at the event.

His father alsopraised his famous son for being a good husband and father to his four daughters. You could see the love and respect that the two of them have for each other.

“He’s all you could ever for ask for in a son. It’s been a wonderful ride being his dad,” Kent said at the event.


Prayers for the Damon family during this time.



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