BREAKING: Music Legend Found Lifeless In Car In Beverly Hills, From Possible Drug Overdose

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Music legend found hunched over dead in his car in Beverly Hills, this is absolutely terrifying.

He is mostly known for his incredible voice, soulful singer Cuba Gooding Sr was found dead in his car according to TMZ reports. The car was found Thursday in the San Fernando Valley and he was dead when the fire department made it to the scene.

This was Cuba Gooding Jr.’s dad and when emergency responders arrived about 12:58 PM and they tried to attempt CPR but were unsuccessful. Reports state that he was slumped over in his silver Jaguar,” parked on Ventura Blvd in Woodland Hills, CA.”

Although no official information has been released about the cause of death, police suspect it to be an overdose. When they arrived at the scene they found empty booze bottles in Sr’s car.


You probably remember Cuba Sr. from the ’70s soul group The Main Ingredient. Sr was a huge asset to the group and in 1972 they had their first huge hit, “Everybody Plays the Fool.” Even today it is one of the best songs that the group has ever released.

He was married to his wife Shirley, at the time of his death and the two of them have 4 children together. Two o their children are big in Hollywood and love acting, Cuba and Omar. Cuba was 72 at the time of his death, and it was not expected at all.

Please continue to keep this family in your prayers as they mourn the loss of their loved one. Cuba Sr. brought so much joy to everyone around him and we had no idea that he was struggling so deeply with substance abuse.

God, please be with this family and give them peace and comfort during this time of devastation…

RIP Cuba Gooding Sr, you will be missed…

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