Danica Patrick Confirmed The Emotional News About Her Future, I Can’t Believe It’s True

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Danica Patrick just confirmed all of the rumors about her future. I can’t believe it…

NASCAR fans have been dying to know what the future looks like for Danica Patrick after she and her team had to go separate ways. Many thought that she would revert back to IndyCar but it doesn’t seem to be the case for her.

“No. I’m not planning on anything, going back to IndyCar. Never say never as I’ve said for many years because I’m getting so old and I know things can change.”


Fans have continued to wonder what her future looks like. She finally opened up in an interview NBC Sports, spilling all of the details that we have been waiting for.

She shared that she is going to remain open minded. And doesn’t want to force things to happen. Since this is the end of her NASCAR Cup Series racing, she says there is only one way that she will stay.

“With anything in life, you can’t force things to happen,” Patrick admitted. “It’s obviously figuring out what to do next and how it looks. If I’m going to race for another team, if I’m gonna keep going…If I’m not gonna keep going. All that stuff is getting figured out now.”

She said the only way she will continue with the premier Cup Series, is that she will not continue unless she has a competitive ride. Apparently she is not going to accept just any team opening that she can get.

All in all, she is just “going with the flow” for now.

“So I’m just in a ‘go with the flow’ mode. What comes will come. And it’s going to be great. It’s going to all be wonderful. All I know is I keep in mind all the things I want for my life, and everything will fit in according to that.”

I didn’t expect this!! What do you think she should do?

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