Hollywood Star Linked To Double Murder, These Were Execution Style Murders

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Hollywood star is officially linked to a double murder, I never would have expected this.

She was made famous after appearing on The Real Housewives of New jersey. Kim DePaola’s car was linked to a double homicide on Friday night.

The homicides took place in Paterson, New Jersey and apparently were found dead in her burning Audi. E Online made the report stating that the authorities responded to the call around 2 a.m. on Friday.

The police were called to a “car fire” and after extinguishing the fire they found two people in the car. They were pronounced dead at the scene and they said that the car was burnt to a crisp.

“The car is burnt to a crisp,” a source told E! News. “There’s nothing left.”

The Audi is under DePaola’s name, but it was actually purchased for her son, Chris Camiscioli, to drive. ABC7 news reported that Chris’ friend, Aaron Anderson, drove him to the airport on Thursday night to catch a flight to California.

Kim said that she wasn’t able to get ahold of Chris for several hours, and was worried that he was one of the victims in the car. Chris came home immediately after hearing the news.

“For a few hours, Kim couldn’t reach her son and she was terrified he was one of the victims,” a source told E! News. “Her son was in California, but he immediately came home. He’s back now.”

Kim even posted on her Instagram stating that the two of them were safe and she sent her condolences to the victims’ families.

Thank you to everyone for your support!!!!

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Police said that both of the victims were shot in the head execution-style and that they were both taken to the medical examiner to be identified.

Although it was Kim’s car that was on fire, an insider shares that it was in no way liked to Kim or her son.

“Kim is not in any way linked to this,” the insider continued. “Her son is not linked to this. The car is not linked to this. The target seems to have been one or both of the people in the car.”

Thrilled that my son @kobe621 was here to support me and the show @poschebykimd

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This is so crazy! I can’t believe someone would do this!!!

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