Hours After Carrie Underwood Gets Heartbreaking News, Miranda Lambert Makes Emotional Announcement

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Miranda Lambert just shared an emotional announcement with all of her fans! This left me speechless!

One thing that really separates country music from all of the other genres is the support that they give each other. Women in particular are very supportive of one another and choose to support instead of tear the other down.

This is why we weren’t surprised at all after Miranda Lambert stood up for Carrie Underwood in her latest interview! Furthermore, she stood up for all women in country music and it was so touching.


She touched on the fact that it’s really tough for women in country music to get the recognition that they deserve. Meanwhile, she pointed out Carrie Underwood.

Lambert was interviewing for November issue of Redbook when she shared just how amazing Carrie was. Furthermore, she was asking about the unfair treatment of female artists in the industry by country radio.

It’s B.S., straight up! Carrie Underwood still struggles, and that just blows my mind because she’s got a million hits and she’s Carrie Freakin’ Underwood,” shared Lambert. “I tell them at the radio stations, ‘Just play one of us; it doesn’t have to be me. Then we all win.’ I’ll fight for it until I can’t no more.”

As you probably remember, the two of them came together in 2014 to create chart-topping single “Somethin’ Bad.” It was a No.1 hit on country radio.

Meanwhile, it was also the first duet between two women to achieve such a feat in over two decades on Billboard’s country chart. And although she has been unbelievable successful in country music, Lambert confesses she’s never been one to enjoy the attention.

Furthermore, she’s always been a laid back gal and she doesn’t love the publicity.

I’m not actually a very good famous person at all. I hate cameras. I don’t love the spotlight. It was a big shocker to me that the music business is 80% business and 20% music. I was like, ‘I didn’t know I signed up for all this other stuff’,” Lambert continued.

Way to go , Miranda!!!! 

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