An Internet Troll Just Made Fun OF Luke Bryan So Bad, It Made Him Cry

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Luke Bryan has officially had enough of internet trolls after one of them pushed him over the edge.

It’s easy to think that being a celebrity is all glamorous 24/7 but the truth is that it’s actually kind of sucky sometimes. Aside from having paparazzi’s follow you everywhere you have a bunch of people trying to tear you down all of the time.

Most of these people hide behind their iPhones and computers to talk crap about celebrities and they are known as internet trolls. Now, one of them has pushed Luke Bryan’s buttons so much that he is DONE with it.

If this was Blake Shelton doing something like this it wouldn’t of surprised us because that’s just how he is. But when we saw Luke Bryan explode on social media we knew that it was bad. This wasn’t the first time recently that we saw him explode either – a couple of weeks ago he punched a guy in the audience at one of his concerts.

Anyway, a random Twitter account Tweeted out to Luke Bryan trying to burn him in front of all of the Twitter world and at first Luke Bryan played it kind of cool and didn’t let it bother him….

That didn’t last long though after the Twitter page fired back saying that they didn’t like Luke Bryan because of his music not because of his fashion sense. Bryan shared that he used to read articles about the page and he was clearly frustrated with the guys comment.

Instead of just letting the conversation go the page Tweeted back at Luke Bryan again and hit him where it hurts. Saying that he remembers when country singers didn’t wear “jorts”. Only minutes later Luke tweeted saying that he was blocking the page and he should had done it a long time ago.

You can tell that Luke was extremely bothered by the pages comments and to be honest, it was a little rude. There is no reason for someone to talk crap about someone that they don’t even know!

Way to show them what’s up Luke!! WE STILL LOVE YOU!

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