Just Months After Joey’s Death, Rory Feek Has A Shocking Update On His Family

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It’s almost been a year since the death of Joey Feek and now Rory has released a shocking update.

Country music came to a halt whenever we found out that Joey Feek had passed away and she will forever be remembered as one of our strongest warriors. The way she and Rory handled every situation with such love and grace was so inspiring.

As many of you know the two of them had a little girl, Indy who was only two years old at the time of Joey’s death. She wasn’t the only daughter though. Before Joey and Rory met Rory was married and had two older daughters, Heidi and Hopie, whom he was and still is very close to.


If you’ve ever kept up with Rory’s blog This Life I Live, you’ve probably heard that Joey + Rory weren’t the only talented ones in the family. His daughter Heidi is actually extremely talented and loves to sing and perform just like Joey + Rory.

Heidi used to travel a lot with Rory before he married Joey and we like to think thats how she fell in love with music. Although she takes after Joey + Rory, her music style is very different from theirs. We all know and love Joey + Rory for their country twang but Heidi is in it for the blues.

In 2013 Heidi released her debut album “The Only” and fans were raving about it. They definitely didn’t expect her to have the more bluesy sound but they totally loved every minute of it! Now, she has GREAT news for all of us!

The little star finally shared the news that we have all been waiting to hear! She is writing new music!!!

In fact, she isn’t just writing new music but she let us all in on a little secret! She’s even shooting a MUSIC VIDEO for a new single that she teased us with!

After knowing that Rory is no longer going to perform after Joey’s death it’s so awesome to see Heidi carry on the legacy – even if it isn’t country music! Her voice is so sweet and pure and I know that Joey is looking down on her smiling!

We are so excited for Heidi and all that she is accomplishing in the music industry. If you haven’t had a chance to see her last music video check it out in the video below!

Congrats Heidi!

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