Korie Robertson Just LEAKED A Photo That She Wanted No Person To EVER See

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Korie Robertson just shared a photo that she never wanted anyone to see. This was unexpected…

The Duck Dynasty family is one of the most looked up to families in America. They have continued to show families what it means to love God and to love and encourage others.

One thing I personally love about this family is that they are so supportive of each other. Especially Sadie and Korie.

Their mother daughter bond has inspired individuals all over to pursue deeper relationships with their loved ones. The two of them constantly encourage and bring out the best in each other.

Korie Robertson recently posted a shocking photo on her Instagram account. The photo was a selfie and she wasn’t wearing any make-up.

Her caption explained that she wouldn’t normally post a photo like this, but Sadie told her to take a selfie. Apparently, the two of them were on FaceTime and Sadie said “Mom, take a selfie!”

Shocked at the remark Korie asked her why. Sadie’s response left us all in tears.

“Because you look so beautiful!”

Korie took Sadie’s advice and posted the photo of herself with no make up. She felt so beautiful and cherished by Sadie’s simple remark that she had the courage to post a photo that she would have never posted otherwise.

This is such a beautiful story! We need more women like this!

Read Korie’s full post below:

All women should be this supportive of each other!!

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