Longtime Hollywood Star Just Revealed Near FATAL Accident While On Honeymoon

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Famous Hollywood star just shared a horrifying honeymoon incident that could have been fatal. This is insane!

Fans have patiently been waiting for the beautiful Julianne Hough to finally marry her dream man. The couple did have a stunning wedding that left us all speechless.

That’s not the only thing that left us speechless though. The couple had a near fatal accident while they were on their honeymoon!

First the couple spent a relaxing few days on a private island, and then they went off to Kenya!  Hough and her husband Brooks Laich stayed at the Angama Mara resort.

They wanted to take part in the adventurous half of their first vacation as husband and wife. The beautiful bride shared a blog post about the honeymoon and it looked like a blast.

Well, not all of it. They saw many different animals up close while on the trip but it wasn’t all so glamorous.

She opens up about a terrifying moment on what was supposed to be the greatest time of their lives. Her post “That Time We Had A Brush With Death On Our Honeymoon“, shared all of the details about the near death experience.

The two love birds found out the Meryl Streep and Robert Redford movie Out of Africa was filmed at their resort. So, of course like any other couple they watched it immediately.

She explained that the two of them fell in love with the movie. It might have just been the honeymoon rush, but they couldn’t help but wanting to recreate the iconic picnic scene in the movie.

The picture turned out great, but what happened next will make your heart drop.


“Within seconds we were in survival mode,” she wrote. “We knew not to run or make any sudden movements, and Brooks grabbed the only objects we could use as weapons if we needed to protect ourselves. Unfortunately, two of those things were butter knives. For a second we thought about breaking the champagne bottle to use, but decided we’d feel awful about shattering glass all over nature. We heard the growl again, and this time it was even more terrifying. I’d never seen Brooks this scared.”

Hough said they even contemplated jumping off the cliff and hanging on a tree while waiting for someone to rescue them! They thought there was some kind of cat up there, but they found out that it was just an elephant.

Apparently, they purr sometimes. I can’t imagine how scary this must of been! I’m glad everyones okay!

Congrats to the newly weds!

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