REPORT: American ICON Just Gave Emotional Cancer Update, We Are All Praying For You

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After months of silent, American icon shares emotional cancer update leaving us all in tears.

Olympic figure skater and gold medalist Scott Hamilton, shared the news a couple of months ago that he had been diagnosed with yet another brain tumor. We were all heartbroken to hear the news because it wasn’t his first time dealing with this.

Doctor’s diagnosed Hamilton with a benign pituitary tumor in both 2004 and 2010 which he overcame both of them but now he is faced with the battle again. Since the iconic skater shared the cancer diagnosis last year we haven’t heard much from him.

Thankfully, he recently interviewed with PEOPLE and shared all of the details of his struggle. In fact, he has experienced a miracle from God and it has us all in tears.

Hamilton shared that although the nature of a tumor is to grow, his have actually shrunk and it’s without any treatment.

“The nature of them is to grow, and without treatment, they have no reason to shrink,” the 58-year old said. “So I was the recipient of a spectacular miracle. I’m keeping an eye on it, and there’s no treatment needed at this time.”

Since he hadn’t done any treatment many were wondering what exactly was the key. Aside from it just being a miracle from God Hamilton says that he found triggers. Apparently tumors love to feed on sugar and so he decided that it was best for him to give it up.

Hamilton changed his entire eating lifestyle to a healthier one and after three months the tumor hadn’t grown at all.

“I realized things like that love to feed on sugar, and I go, ‘I don’t really want to do anything to give it anything it wants.’ So I just decided to give up sugar,” Hamilton said. After three months of clean eating, a new scan showed that the tumor hadn’t grown. “So I stayed with the program, eliminated all the unhealthy stuff.It was quite miraculous what happened. I never anticipated that at all.”

He wasn’t the only one who was completely shocked by the news either. Even the doctors were left dumbfounded after his scan showed that the tumor hadn’t grown at all.

After sharing that it was all God, Hamilton says that he wasn’t worthy of this miracle but he is so thankful for it.

“‘God.’ That’s it,” Hamilton said. “I was just a blubbering mess, like, ‘I’m not worthy of this.’ There’s so many other people out there who could benefit from this miracle.”

Wow! This is so amazing! Prayer changes things!!

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