REPORT: Country Music Legend Just Confirmed The Rumors About Mental Illness

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Country music legend just confirmed all of the mental illness rumors. I had no idea…

In a recent video released by the Child Mind Institute, country star Naomi Judd confirms every mental illness rumor. Judd opened up about her deep, dark battle with depression in hopes that it would help one of her fans overcome the same issues.

The Child Mind Institute released videos like this one every day in May. It’s all part of Mental Health Awareness Month, and each day features a different celebrity who has had to overcome mental illness.

Apparently Naomi had been suffering severe depression since the Judds. The Judds was her popular duo with her daughter, country star, Wynonna Judd. Last year Naomi released a memoir, River of Time: My Descent Into Depression and How I Emerged With Hope and now she is opening up about her illness more than ever.

Judd opened up about her younger self saying that she would have told herself “Don’t stigmatize people” if she could go back in time.

“You’re going to lose your ability, your chance to get to know them as a real human being,” she says, adding later in the video that “if each one of us practiced being more kind, we could all literally change the world.”


Judd shared that depression is not usually viewed as a “real” disease, but after learning more about it she is more confident than ever that it is a disease of the brain. She says that she has no control over it but that if she takes her meds, goes to treatment and is intentional about her moods than she does really well.

“I’ve learned through my dark days and my journey that depression is a disease of the brain. Just like heart disease is a disease of the heart, or hepatitis is a disease of the liver,” she says. “With depression, it is partly genetic, partially environment and circumstances, and then choices. I’ve learned I have to take my medication, do my therapies and be constantly vigilant about my moods.”

I had no idea that Naomi went through all of this and still battles it today. I hope that she can be healed one day. Watch her full interview with Child Mind Institute below and let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

I had no idea it was this bad. Praying for you, Naomi Judd!

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