REPORT: Country Music Star Confirms The Emotional News About Baby

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Famous country music star just released emotional news about his unborn child. I can’t believe it!

It was just a few months ago that country star Tyler Hubbard announced that he was going to be a period for the first time. The Florida Georgia Line singer recently interviewed with people. He shared that he and his wife Haleigh were beyond excited for their new arrival.

It wasn’t long after the couple announced that they were going to have a baby that they found out what the gender was. The couple had done a blood test to determine the sex of the baby and the results showed that it was a boy!

Apparently those blood tests aren’t all that accurate because the couple just made a huge announcement about the baby. According to a sonogram it turns out that they aren’t having a baby boy but in fact a girl.

Of course, even though the couple is not having the little boy that they expected they are beyond excited to welcome the new baby into the world.

Tyler Hubbard Credit: Justin Mrusek

We were all shocked to hear the news that the blood test was wrong. Especially after a couple three huge gender reveal party with all of their closest friends and their family.

Not only that they announced it to all of their fans that they were going to have a boy. It definitely doesn’t take away from the excitement that they’re having a girl it only makes it sweeter.

Taylor announced news on his Instagram Siri Ing that maybe dad has jokes. Although they thought they were having a boyfriend if you months and they’ve completely prepared for a boy. They are not going to have to change their plans and start buying some dresses and bows.

The couples pregnancy journey has been in a unique one already. They found out that they were pregnant after a trip to California when Haley woke up and just knew that she was pregnant. She took a test and it turns out that it was positive!

“[We are] really really excited about this next chapter, even if God does like throwing us a curve ball every now and then,” he says. “Just keeping us on our toes.”


I couldn’t be more excited! Congrats on your little girl!!!

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