REPORT: Hollywood Legend Just Died Surrounded By His Family

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A Hollywood legend just died with his family by his side. He was truly one of the greats…RIP.

The former president and CEO of the Marvel Entertainment Group, James Galton, has died. The legendary CEO died on Monday, June 12, 2017, at his home in Naples, Florida at age 92.

Galton moved to the Marvel Entertainment Group as president and CEO in 1974, and worked there until retiring in 1991. Little did he know that he was going to be one of the most influential men in all of Marvel Entertainment history.

He was known to completely transform Marvel’s standing as an entertainment company and he will go down in Marvel history. This man went above and beyond during his time at Marvel, and he is a huge reason for their grand success.

“During Galton’s tenure, he and visionary editor-in-chief Jim Shooter between them oversaw numerous landmark developments that helped transform Marvel’s standing as an entertainment company. These included a massive retail sales turnaround circa 1979-1981; the growth of the “direct market” network of comic book specialty shops; the acquisition of comics rights to commercial brands such as “Star Wars,” “Transformers,” and “G.I. Joe”; and the development of a creator compensation plan that gave writers and artists a greater stake in their products’ success. –USA


His death was expected, but heartbreaking. He passed away from old age. Galton’s wife of nearly 50 years, Lydia, shared that all four of his children, as well as one of his six grandkids, were able to travel to Naples to be by his side before he died.

According to Lydia he waited until all of his kids were there before he let himself die.

“He waited until all of his kids got here.”

Till the day he died he believed firmly that comic books were a legitimate form of literary expression. He felt like they deserved the kind of respect that all other forms of literature would receive.

His family knew the deepest parts of him, and shared that they are going to miss him and his brilliance deeply..

“He maintained that comic books were a legitimate form of literary expression that deserved respect, and he used the medium to bolster social change like energy conservation, civil and women’s rights, child abuse prevention, and universal literacy.”


RIP JAMES GALTON. You are a true hero and inspiration and you will never be forgotten. Thank you for all that you did for Marvel.

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