REPORT: Longtime Hollywood TV Star Just Confirmed Breast Cancer News

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Famous Hollywood star just confirmed that she has breast cancer. This is heartbreaking.

The beautiful Mindy Cohn just shared about her five year battle with breast cancer. Some fans had no idea that she had been going through all of this for so long!

It was one morning in 2012 when Mindy Cohn’s life changed forever. Apparently she was just walking around her neighborhood when she got suddenly exhausted. She texted her friend to go pick her up in the middle of her walk.

It was a terrifying moment for her.

“I was walking around my neighborhood in Los Angeles and I suddenly got so tired,” says the actress best known for playing Natalie Green in the ’80s sitcom The Facts of Life. “I just couldn’t go anymore. This was before Uber was really a thing, so I texted my friend Helen Hunt and said, ‘Something’s wrong with me. I need help.’”

She went to the doctor, and they immediately took a biopsy. That’s when she got the terrifying news that she has long kept a secret from all of her fans.

“It was breast cancer,” she tells PEOPLE. “I kept that secret for a long time.”

Mindy has undergone a double mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation. Also, she shared that the five year battle really affected her positive outlook on life.

She couldn’t fix anything that was happening and it really hurt her. And she was extremely frustrated and angered at the fact that she was still battling cancer five years later.

“I’ve always been an optimist,” she says. “But the cancer metastasized. It kept spreading and coming back. I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop, and then it would. And then I’d wait for another shoe to drop, and it would. I was frustrated and enraged. I couldn’t control any of this. And I couldn’t fix it.”

PEOPLE shared that Mindy is now cancer free and has made her return to Hollywood. This is a huge step forward and we are so happy that she is finally recovering from the hardest five years of her life!

I had no idea that she was going through all of this.


Still praying for you, Mindy!!!!!

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