REPORT: Longtime Radio Legend Just Arrested In New York For Drug Possesion

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Radio legend arrested for drug possession and we are all shocked because of it.

He is longtime legendary comedian, and was busted with both cocaine and heroine. Artie Lange was arrested at his apartment complex in Hoboken, NJ according to TMZ. Apparently he was busted in the parking garage of his complex.

You probably remember Artie from the ‘Howard Stern Show’. According to Hoboken police spokesman Sgt. Edgardo Cruz Lange had several bags of drugs on him at the time that he was busted on Sunday.

The report also stated that the comedian was taken to the police headquarters and after being booked on three separate charges he was finally released. We were all shocked at the incident that took place, but according to Artie’s tweets he is “trying” to be better after admitting he is a “flawed person”.

This wasn’t the first time that Lange has suffered from drug and alcohol abuse though, back in 2010 he was hospitalized after a suicide attempt. Lange has had a lot going for him lately and we had no idea that he was this involved with drugs again.

“He was recently featured on HBO’s new comedy series “Crashing,” which stars Peter Holmes and is produced Judd Apatow. He plays himself as a mentor to Holmes’ character who is trying to make it as a stand-up comedian.” -FOXNEWS

This is so sad…

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