Weeks After Being Fired, Danica Patrick Makes Shocking Announcement About Her Return To…

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Danica Patrick just shared an announcement that has left every NASCAR fan speechless. I can’t believe it!

For those of you who don’t know, Danica Patrick recently went through a major sponsor lawsuit. Unfortunately, it looks like the star is now left without a team for 2018.

Many thought that after being fired, she would make her return to IndyCar. She had a successful career in IndyCar that ended in 2011, before she went full-time into NASCAR’s Cup Series division.


She wasn’t renewed for contract, and it was heartbreaking to see. Now, in a recent interview with Motorsport.com, she shared about her return to IndyCar.

“My life changes in ways that I wouldn’t expect it every couple of years,” she said to the auto news outlet. “You just can’t cross off anything on the list completely.”

Patrick continued to say that she does not plan on returning to IndyCar. Although she doesn’t plan on going back, she knows to never say never!

Things have changed a lot for her over the past year, so although she doesn’t have a plan she isn’t taking anything off of the list.

“No. I’m not planning on anything, going back to IndyCar. Never say never as I’ve said for many years because I’m getting so old and I know things can change.”

Fans were dead set that she was going to return to IndyCar and many were kind of sad that she isn’t going to. According to Country Rebel she admitted that she has had recent talks with several teams, but “not a ton.” Also shared that she’ll let her business people handle all the decisions related to that and “have those conversations and figure out what options are out there.”

This was a huge shock to fans, but now only time will tell what lies in store for the 35-year-old NASCAR star.

Do you think she should return to IndyCar?

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