After Weeks Of Rumors About Being Pregnant, Gwen Stefani Confirms The Rumors That She Is…

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Gwen Stefani has finally opened up about the rumors that say she and Blake Shelton are having a baby!

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani have been going strong for almost two years now. This is one of the reasons we were so quick to believe that they were finally having a baby.

Apparently, none of the rumors are true though. Fans were freaking out after seeing some photos that make Gwen look like she might have a little baby bump. Sorry to break the bad news, but according to Hollywood Life, she’s not expecting!

An insider spoke about the couple having kids a while back in 2015. They shared that Gwen Stefani wanted Shelton to be the father of one of her children.

The couple is open to the idea of having children, but it seems right now isn’t the time for it. Gwen and Blake are still happy in love, we are all just waiting for them to make the next move. Marriage? A baby? Anything!


Another insider recently spoke with Hollywood life sharing that Gwen is so small that a heavy lunch could make her look bloated. They assured everyone that she is most definitely not pregnant, but that the couple isn’t against having a little babe together.

Apparently they aren’t actively trying to have babes, but they aren’t trying to prevent them either. They just want to leave it all up to fate.

Gwen is most definitely not pregnant. Blake has been low-key hoping for a while that they might have a happy accident and Gwen would wind up pregnant again but for now that simply is not the case. Gwen is so tiny, if she has a big lunch, she can appear to be 3 months along. But she is not…not now at least. Blake and Gwen are happy, totally in love and are not actively trying to have babies right now. However, they are also not trying to not have babies…so they are leaving things to chance and fate.”

I guess not all rumors are true! I was hoping this one would be though. Blake will be such a great dad!

It looks like now we just wait for “fate” to take over!


I can’t believe she isn’t preggo! I was so excited!

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