Luke Bryan Tearfully Releases Saddening Update On His Sons, Please Pray

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Luke Bryan is the greatest entertainer in country music, and he always will be. Every country fan has come to love Luke Bryan. Wether you like his music or not, he is an outstanding individual and he has proved that time after time.

Many of you have heard Luke Bryan’s story, but if you haven’t here it is:

Luke Bryan had two amazing parents, a brother and a sister. Sadly Bryan had to say goodbye to his brother and sister forever.


His brother Chris was only 26 at the time of his death and passed away in 1996 from a horrible car accident. This put a huge halt in all of Luke’s plans to move to Nashville. Shortly after in 2007 Luke Bryan’s sister passed away unexpectedly.

Of course, this is already heart wrenching and we all hoped that this was the end for the Bryan family but it wasn’t. In 2015 Luke’s brother-in-law died and he took in his nephew.


Since the mass shooting in Orlando, many country artists around the world have been taking moments of silence for all of the lives lost. It is to no surprise that this hit Luke Bryan hard. He even stopped his entire concert at the CMA Fest to give a special tribute to all those who died.

Now Bryan is trying to figure out a way to tell his children about the shooting, but he just can’t seem to find the words to say. What do you tell your young children when something like this happens?

I’m not a parent, but even I have trouble understanding why these things happen. I can’t imagine the pressure a parent would feel trying to explain these tragedies to their children.


Bryan is now raising his 14-year-old nephew and he has two boys of his own ages 8 and 6. In an Live Interview at the CMA Fest Bryan shared with all of his fans the heartache and confusion that he is feeling. He doesn’t know how to explain this massacre to his children, especially since they won’t fully understand no matter what.

First someone asked Bryan his thoughts on the two shootings that took place this past weekend. One at the Christina Grimmie concert and one at Pulse night club. “What are your thoughts on what’s going on? And the fact that it’s actually making people scared to congregate?”

“First of all, it’s amazingly tragic on all levels…we all live the same thoughts on this if you think like a true American does…when you hear these two instances this week…I think it’s important for the American spirit to keep living that type of life as an American…It’s so unfortunate when you think about all these people in there tonight and what the city of Nashville has to do to make everyone in there feel safe…I think it will forever be up to our leaders and the people that we use to protect us to use our tax paying dollars to go after it and make us safe.”


Luke was then asked how he is handling the shooting as a parent and it was so heartbreaking to hear.

“It’s up to me to pray that I have the right words in the right moment to ease their minds…I was a not a parent during 9/11, and now I’m a parent through things like this. I know how I dealt with it before being a parent. There’s no handbook to this stuff, which is so frustrating.”


Watch Bryan’s full interview in the video below:

We are praying for all the parents who are struggling to tell their kids about these tragic events! If you’re a parent who has had to do this, leave some tips in the comments below!

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