BREAKING: American Legend And Movie Star Found Lifeless, Prayers For The Family


Famous movie star was just found dead after devoting his entire life to the industry. RIP

Thousands of baseball fans are heartbroken after hearing about the death of American legend and movie star, Jimmy Piersall. He was known as the outfielder and broadcaster and was even starred in a movie known as “Fear Strikes Out”.

It was Piersall’s personality that people fell in love with aside from his impeccable talent. While playing as a rookie with the Boston Red Sox, he showed off the wall behavior, which was portrayed in the 1957 movie.

Piersall was not only an incredible defensive outfielder, but he was the subject of the best-selling book and film chronicling his battles with mental illness. Just to name a few of the things Piersall did in his baseball career, he ran the bases backward after his 100th career home, choked a sportswriter, fought Billy Martin and fended off Jim Leyland.


One of the most interesting things about Piersall was that he was never ashamed of his behavior and in many interviews suggested that it “made him a lot of money.” He was quite the character both on and off the field, but everyone still believed in him and knew that he was going to be successful.

“I was a funny man, a baseball clown, and where the Red Sox went, the fans flocked to see me,” Piersall said in his 1955 book, “Fear Strikes Out,” written with Al Hirshberg. The book was the basis for the movie, in which Piersall was portrayed by Anthony Perkins. “Almost everybody except the Red Sox and the umpires thought I was a riot,” Piersall wrote. “My wife knew I was sick, yet she was helpless to stop my mad rush toward a mental collapse.”

And although it brought a lot of consequences, Piersall says that it was the best thing about him because it brought people to the diamond to see him. He definitely left his mark on the industry and he is going to be missed deeply.

“Probably the best thing that happened to me was going nuts,” he wrote, with Richard Whittingham, at the outset of his 1985 memoir, “The Truth Hurts.” “It brought people out to the ballpark to get a look at me.”

Please say a prayer for his family and friends in the comments below. He was truly a great man and a legend. He will never be forgotten…


RIP Jimmy Piersall

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