BREAKING: Hollywood Actress Announced Dead In Her Home After Battle With Alzheimer’s


Famous Hollywood actress was just found dead in her Orlando home. Prayers for the family during this time.

You probably remember her big days back in the 1980s. She was beautiful and brilliant, Darlanne Fluegel has passed away at age 64 after a tough battle with Alzheimer’s disease according to many reports.

She is known for starring in roles with big shots like Robert De Niro and Kirk Douglas. And she was also on a fixture on TV crime dramas, and we all loved her for it.

Later on in her career she decided that she wanted to help others. She was a college professor, educating another generation hopeful actors and filmmakers.

Reports share that she died on Friday, Dec. 15, 2017, at her home in Orlando. Her daughter confirmed the news to The Hollywood Reporter stating that she had been diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s at 56.

Fluegel was born  in Pennsylvania and grew up with her five siblings in Binghamton, New York. When she was just a teenager she started modeling as a way to earn money.

She did this following the death of her father to help the family. It wasn’t until she was 18 years old that she moved to New York City and signed with Eileen Ford. This was HUGE because Eileen Ford is one of the most well known/ legendary agencies there was at the time.

Ford released a statement about her back in the day stating that she was very level headed when it came to her career.

“She approached her acting scientifically,” Ford said in a 1986 article about Fluegel in People magazine. “She worked at it and didn’t let the hype go to her head. A lot of models wouldn’t have done that.”

And although she stopped acting as much in the 1990s, she continued her legacy by educating others. She was a professor at University of Central Florida. Constantly encouraging others to live their dreams.

“It could be the greatest thing you could do,” she animatedly told an audience at the New Beverly Cinema in L.A., in 2011. “Just being in your life, talking to people, just doing what you’re doing, let it bring into you. Bring it back in.”

She is survived by her daughter, Jenna Carey, and son, Coulter.

Please keep her family in your prayers during this heartbreaking time.



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