BREAKING: Hollywood Just Tragically Lost An Icon


Hollywood just lost another legendary actor, please keep this family in your prayers.

Many of you know him from “The Big Lebowski” and others from “Santa Clause: The Movie.” Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to legendary 85 year old David Huddleston just a couple of days ago.


Huddleston’s wife Sarah C. Koeppe shared that her husband died in Santa Fe on Tuesday (Aug 2) from advanced heart disease and advanced kidney disease. Sarah shared with Santa Fe New Mexican that he never considered himself a star, and he was amazed to look back at all the amazing people he got to work with and all that he had accomplished in life.

“He was never the star,” she said. “He got to work with or become friends with all kinds of people, including stars, and it always amazed him. This was a kid who grew up without electricity and running water in his home until he was 10 or 12 and he was so amazed as he looked back at what happened in his life.”

JERSEY CITY, NJ - DECEMBER 02: Actor David Huddleston attends the 40th Anniversary Reunion Of "The Waltons" at Landmark Loew's - Jersey City on December 2, 2011 in Jersey City, New Jersey. (Photo by Bennett Raglin/Getty Images)

Huddleston had the opportunity to work with stars such as John Wayne, James Stewart, Dean Martin, Charles Bronson, Dudley Moore and Jeff Bridges. Although he is mostly known for his main role as the millionaire character in the The Big Lebowski and the title role in Santa Claus: The Movie he was mostly proud of his stage work.

He shared in a 2014 interview he shared that his experiences acting and traveling have truly changed his life forever.

“I’ve had a very, very, very good run at this stuff. I have been all over the world, made pictures in Mexico, Canada, Israel, France and England. I’ve met people who I never dreamt I would meet, all heroes of mine.”


Many who worked with Huddleston said the same thing about him, he was a faithful loyal friend to everyone that he had a chance to be around. Wilford Brimley who is an actor and former resident of Santa Fe said that he was the true definition of a friend.

“He was a wonderful human being. He was honest and kind and loyal. If you looked up the word ‘friend’ in the dictionary, his picture would be there.”

Sarah said that there will not be a memorial service held for Huddleston but if anyone wishes to honor him they can make a donation to the Santa Fe Animal Shelter and Humane Society, The Actors Fund or the Motion Picture and Television Fund.

Please keep this family in your prayers.

RIP David Huddleston.

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