Christina Grimie’s Last Video Was Just Released, And It’s Heartbreaking


She was a prodigy, a daughter, a friend and a true artist that left all too soon – but that won’t stop #TeamGrimmie from a “visual celebration” of the shining star!

After becoming a YouTube sensation, Christina hit our radars running when he debuted LIVE on season 6 of NBC’s The Voice. She came in third during the competition under the musical teachings of her then coach, Adam Levine.

On June 10, 2016, Christina was leaving what we’re told was an inspiring show in Orlando, Florida. The budding starlet was signing autographs with well meaning fans when someone shot the twenty-two year old songstress. Tragically, Grimmie passed away after being rushed the hospital immediately after the shooting.

Christina Grimmie NewsBake Snow White Music Video

Back in February Grimmie released her EP, “Side-A“, while she was in the process of shooting her video series. Christina Grimmie’s music video, “Snow White” debuted this morning and the outpouring of love is beautiful! The video slash short film combo is the first in a series of four videos from her project, “The Ballad of Jessica Blue”.

The story follows a young girls journey into self-discovery through her love life, her womanhood and her music. “Jessica” is at a crossroads in her life. She becomes suspicious of her boyfriend and is gripped by insecurities only to realize that she is doing more damaged to her own heart and future than any relationship ever could. Jessica has an upcoming showcase where she hopes to prove to herself and others that her music is as strong as her desire to be great. With the showcase days away she can’t seem to put together her set or her songs. Jessica is torn between boyfriend issues, her creative issues and a general feeling of self-doubt. She confides in the people closest to her and they all give her words of wisdom along her path of self-discovery. Her beloved grandmother reminds her that all the security, strength and love she needs is in that powerful voice on the other side of her heart. Jessica finds her path by doing what she loves. She sings from her heart. (Grimmie’s YouTube Channel)

The first installation in the series is emotional to say the least. This heartbreaking reminder of a young girl’s love that was lost too soon, hits home.

While we’re heartbroken she’s no longer here, it’s beautiful to see the joy and light she radiated while she was her! And to think she was singing about finding the perfect guy… I think Jesus found her first! 

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