After Years Of Rumors, Elvis’ Family Just Confirmed The EMOTIONAL News


Elvis Presley’s family just shared emotional news, I had no idea about this!

It has been decades since Elvis Presley passed away but his legacy still remains. Part of his legacy is his family.

Elvis has one daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, and she has a daughter who is a rising star. Riley Keough is pursuing a career in showbiz and although it may seem like a pressured thing she says it was all her choice.

At 28 years old she is acting and says that she always knew that she had a choice. She shared that she knew acting was attainable for her and she loved it, that’s why she pursued it! It wasn’t because her family forced her to.

“I didn’t feel like I had no choice, but… it was something that was attainable to me,” the 28-year-old actress told the New York Daily News. “As opposed to a lot of people I hear are like ‘Oh, I thought I’d never be an actor.’ It didn’t feel as unattainable, because I was around a lot of it.”

A lot of people say that just because her mother and grandfather were famous she wanted to do it too. Although many bring up the fact that her family has been so successful she feels okay because she didn’t pursue music like they did, she is pursuing something different.

Being a musician may have been stressful for her because she would have to uphold the legacy, but since she’s in acting she says that she doesn’t feel that pressure.

“I’m a generation removed, so I don’t feel that pressure very hard,” she said. “I’m also just trying to act. I think if I was a musician, maybe that would be a stressful thing, but I don’t really feel that.”

The actress recently portrayed an short in Starz’s “The Girlfriend Experience” and she says that it’s not relatable to her own life. This is one of the many reasons that she doesn’t like her family or boyfriends to watch the series.

Although the character is controlling, manipulative and likes sex it doesn’t connect with who she really is as a person. She doesn’t want any of her loved ones to think that it does.

“It’s not something you see as a lead character on a TV show,” she shared in 2016. “I wouldn’t say [my character] is extremely likeable or morally correct. She’s very controlling, manipulative and kind of selfish and likes sex. It’s kind of a character you see more for a man, and it kind of drew me to the show. “I don’t really want to show men in my family the show to be honest,” she revealed. “My mother has seen the show. She likes it. She’s pretty progressive. She understands art.”

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I’m so proud of her! Elvis would be too!

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