After 34 Years In Country Music, Alan Jackson Confirms The News He’s Walking Away From Longtime Music Label


Alan Jackson has been in the country music industry for over 34 years now and he just confirm the emotional news.

It was just a couple of months ago in April that Alan Jackson was announced to be inducted into the country music Hall of Fame. He was selected to represent artist in the modern era, and he was more than deserving of the honor.

Jackson has received numerous amounts of awards and number one hits during his career. Just your name with you he has 35 number one hits, 18 ACM awards, 16 CMA awards, into Grammy awards.


Jackson has it released a new album since 2015 titled angels and alcohol, but the album did top the Billboard top country albums chart. Needless to say that Jackson is a country music legend and he is one of the most respected in the Industry.

Jackson has been previously represented by CAA, but recently made a huge announcement. Jackson shared that he is going to be signing with WNE for representation now.

It’s a huge step to change representation like this but WNE represents a large range of clients. Not only musicians and artists but actors comedians and even culinary stars.

Many are saying that this change could be a huge push forward for Jackson in his career. They are hoping that it will bring him new and exciting adventures.

Jackson has already made a name for himself and country music, but it looks like this might just be one of the best decisions that he’s made. It is expecting to lunch him into the next chapter of his career.

No oe is sure when the actual transition will take place as of now. This is an exciting time for him, though!

This wasn’t easy choice, but it looks like it’s going to be worth it!

Congratulations Alan Jackson! We can’t wait to see what the future holds.

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