After 28 Years In The Industry, Keith Urban Makes EMOTIONAL Announcement


It’s been 28 years since Keith Urban made his big debut and now he just shared huge news. I can’t believe it.

We all know and love the wonderful Keith Urban! He has been in the industry for years now and is our favorite Aussie country star.

You may think that someone like Keith could easily get burnt out on music after almost three decades in the business but it seems like that’s not true at all. In fact, the country star just announced that he is going back out on the road!

That’s right, folks! Keith is going on a 2018 tour and we can’t get enough of it. That’s not the only exciting news though. Urban shared that he is also going to be releasing new music very soon.

In a recent social media post on Wednesday morning (Jan. 17) the Aussie shared the big news. He said that a new song called “Parallel Line” would be released this Friday (19).

This was just a couple hours before Urban told all of his fans that he was going to be playing a free show. It was going  to be livestream, in Nashville at the venue Exit/In at 7pm according to his post. 

Apparently some of his fans were lining up at the door at 2pm just to see the country star perform for free. It wasn’t just one song, either. Urban played several of his hits for his fans and even hung out with them in between the songs.

And that’s not all! This is the big moment where he shared about his tour that was going to be starting in June! As of now he has only released one song, “Female” from an untitled album.

Urban shared that the title is going to be Graffiti U. And it will be released very soon apparently.


This is so exciting! We love you Keith!!!

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