After A Lifetime Of Hits At 84 Years Old Willie Nelson’s DEATH Song Will Make Your Heart Melt


Willie Nelson has been a part of country music for over 61 years now and we have never seen him share anything like this.

Willie Nelson is now 84 years old, but he hasn’t let his age hold him back at all. He is still one of the most loved country legends of all time and he is always surprising us with new things.

Although we have seen many emotional songs come from Nelson, we have never heard anything quite like his last single “It Gets Easier”. The song comes from him LP, God’s Problem Child,and it has us all in tears.

The song shares a different view on mortality and how one’s outlook on it can change as they continue to get older. The song was co-written with Buddy Cannon, who has been a longtime friend of Nelson’s.

The two of them take a look at death, saying “It gets easier as we get older; it gets easier to say ‘Not today.'” It is so emotional, not only because of the lyrics but because Willie’s signature voice shines through so well during the ballad reminding us all why we love him so much.

Nelson has had to cancel several shows in the recent weeks and months due to poor health, but he is still pushing through and touring the rest of the year. He isn’t going to let a little cold get him down and that’s one of the reasons we love him most!

This is going to be a good year for Nelson, I can feel it! Check out his newest single in the video below. It had me in tears!

Wow! This is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing this with us Willie Nelson! WE LOVE YOU!

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