Another Brutal Death Hit’s Toby Keith, This Is So Sad… I Had No Idea


Oh you thought the curse of 2016 was over?? Unfortunately, we all thought wrong…

Every musician has an inspiration A muse if you will. No matter what dreams someone chases, there is sure to be an inspiration behind why that person is chasing their dreams.

Toby Keith is one of country music’s most well known names. Keith has produce dozens of hits throughout his time in the music industry, and his fame still carries on today.

Toby, like any there artist, has had several things influence songs that he’s written throughout the years. Whether it’s an object or a person, there’s an inspiration behind everything he does.

Toby Keith Performs A Camp Victory

Keith is known for taking huge pride in being an American. He loves his country and everything it stands for

He also loves what being “from the country” entails. Bonfires, hunting and parties wherever you go. And those parties always involve one key thing- the red solo cup.

The red solo cup is so important that Toby Keith was inspired to write a song about it. And whether we want to admit it, we all know the tune by heart! In fact, most of us are reminded of the song every time we’re holding a red solo cup in our hand.

Sadly, Toby Keith shared some news with us on Thursday, Dec. 29th.  Robert Hulseman, the creator of the Red Solo Cup, has passed away. Keith paid tribute to the 84 year old on Twitter when the news was announced.

Hulseman’s son, Paul, explained to the press that Robert passed away from health complications on December 21st, after a series of strokes. Paul also explained that his father had no idea of the success that would come out of his invention.

He simply made the solo cup for family gatherings like barbecues and pool parties. What he got in return was a sheer legacy that will most likely live on forever. No party is a party without those cups present.

In Keith’s song he made some very good and hilarious points about the red solo cup, such as: Now I really love how your easy to stack, But I really hate how your easy to crack, ‘Cause when beer runs down the front of my back, Well that my friends is quite yucky, But I have to admit that the ladies get smitten, Admiring how sharply my first name is written”

The hilarious thing about those lyrics is that they’re all 100% factual and everyone can relate!

As Keith is in mourning over the loss of a very great and innovative man, we’re praying for him as well as Hulseman’s family. May he rest in peace. 

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