This Autistic Boy Can Barely Speak, But When He Sings This Country Song? I’m In Tears…


You’ve got to see this little boy sing Montgomery Gentry, this will have you in tears.

I’ve always heard that music is the best therapy for the soul, it’s a very powerful thing. Have you ever heard a song and it sparked an emotion from years and years ago? Surprisingly music can be the thing that gets someone through the worst times of their lives, and the best times of their lives.

One person who knows this to be true is 9 year old Jimmy Johnson. Jimmy was diagnosed with Autism with issues such as verbal delay. He hasn’t let this struggle hold him back from singing a little country music though.


Jimmy’s mom, Crystal Johnson, posted a video of him on her Facebook page and it was so inspiring it had us all in tears. He was singing his favorite Montgomery Gentry song, “Long Line of Losers”, and he definitely has a great little character inside of him.

His mother explained that he has struggled with many learning disabilities and verbal delays since his diagnosis, but he loves this song and he screams it out every time that it comes on. It was so beautiful and she even thanked Montgomery Gentry for their music that makes her son so happy everytime he hears it.

Check out Jimmy sing “Long Line of Losers” in the video below, this is so beautiful!

“This is my son Jimmy. He is 9 yrs old and he is autistic with learning disabilities… Our whole family LOVES MG!!! and we joke long line is our family song bc it was my late fathers favorite song. Well long story short Jimmy has verbal delays but busts out this song every time he hears it so I had to share! Thanks for making this little boy happy with your music!”

Wow! I’m in tears!

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