Brad Paisley Just Leaked Something We Weren’t Supposed To Know! I Can’t Believe This!


Brad Paisley has officially left all of his fans speechless after his most recent update, I was not expecting this at all.

Brad Paisley recently announced his new studio album that he is going to be releasing soon and it has fans everywhere on the edges of their seats. It was back in November 2016 when paisley announced the huge project and now fans are finally seeing it all come to life.


Paisley has released two tracks from the album, one titled “Today” that killed it. Now, we have even more information about the anticipated 11th studio album “Love and War” from Brad Paisley! The boot put together a chart of all of the latest news from Paisley’s release and we are so excited to share it with you!

First Things First: THE TITLE

Love and War

Paisley announced that the title of his 11th studio album was going to be “Love and War” at an iHeart Radio performance back in November 2016.

Most Important: RELEASE DATE

March 3, 2017

Paisley announced the drop date in a press conference a couple of weeks ago sharing that it would be in the beginning of 2017. Now the official date is March 3rd and we can’t wait! Only a month and a half left!

Record Label: Arista Nashville

Paisleys announced that the new album is going to be released with his longtime record label, Arista Nashville. Not only that but he himself is a co-producer with Luke Wooten for Love and War.


“The first single from Love and War is “Today,” which Paisley released in October of 2016. On the surface, “Today” is about living in and appreciating the present, but Paisley also says that he’s kept what it means to him “under wraps” because he wants listeners to be able to have their own interpretations of it.

Prior to releasing “Today,” Paisley dropped “Without a Fight,” a duet with pop star Demi Lovato, in May of 2016. At that time, the song was billed as Love and War‘s first single, so it is unclear if the tune will make the album or not.”

Last but not least: THE TOUR

As of now Paisley hasn’t officially announced a “Love and War Tour” for 2017. He has extended his Life Amplified World Tour though and it will be scheduled through February. After that wraps up he will be on his way to London, England; Glasgow, Scotland; and Dublin, Ireland for the 2017 Country to Country Festival.

WE ARE SO EXCITED! What’s your favorite Brad Paisley song???

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