BREAKING: Country Music Star Rushed To Hospital For Emergency Surgery


Famous country star was just rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery. Prayers for a quick recovery.

The wonderful country trio The Band Perry had a horrifying medical scare this weekend. Reid Perry was sent to the emergency room for emergency surgery.

The musician documented his emergency appendectomy on Instagram. He posted a series of photos posted in an Instagram story, and we were happy to see that he was still in good spirits though it all.

At 28-years old he showed himself arriving at the UCLA Emergency room. He shared that it was a bad time for this to be happening.

“Kind of a bad time for this to happen right now.”

A few hours later, he posted another photo hinting that he had to get his appendix removed. It seems like he doesn’t usually get sick, but it is usually pretty serious whenever he does.

“appendectomy” and “under the knife” were written across the photo along with, “I never get sick, but when I do, they take body parts away.”


He wasn’t down for long though. He continued to post to keep his fans updated while posting.

Apparently not long after the surgery he was already bored and ready to jump out of his bed and escape. At least he’s not in too much pain, according to all of his posts!!

“Getting bored while going crazy” and “I keep thinking about that opening scene from TWD,” were written over the picture.

As of now, we believe that he has been discharged from the hospital and is at home recovering. It wasn’t exactly the ideal time for a surgery, but we’re just glad that he’s doing much better.

His brother posted thanking fans for their thoughts and prayers during this troubling time.

“So thankful that my brother is feeling better today after a mild health scare. Family is the most important thing in this world. And I can’t say enough about how much I respect and look up to my big brother. He’s the strongest person I know.”

So happy he’s okay and is recovering!!!

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