BREAKING: Legendary Country Music Band Confirms They Are Leaving


Famous country music band confirmed that they are leaving. I didn’t expect this from them!

Famous country band Rascal Flatts just opened up about possible leaving country music. The announcement has fans freaking out, but excited to see Gary LeVox, Jay DeMarcus and Joe Don Rooney potentially pursue other things.

DeMarcus opened up to The Boot about them stepping into an acting career. Although they he hasn’t really tried pursuing acting as a career, it’s naturally become something that he is more open to.

Thankfully he shared that Flatts is the most important on their list for now. So technically they don’t plan on totally leaving country music just yet.

“Who doesn’t like to sit in a room and play pretend with a bunch of other adults? It’s a wonderful thing to be a part of,” DeMarcus recently shared with The Boot and other reporters of acting. “I haven’t really tried to force any doors open — they’ve just opened through friendships, or naturally or organically or whatever. So, when they make sense and we have time to do other things, then I love to do it, but Flatts is always the priority, and obviously the most important thing career-wise.”

He is trying to land a role in the upcoming movie, Will Gardner, and hopes he can take part in similar opportunities in the future. Although he’s been a feature before he has never actually landed a role in a movie.

DeMarcus shared that it’s exciting to try new things so he encourages it.

“It’s fun to just have other outlets to dabble in and try to see if you’re any good at other things,” DeMarcus says. “I’ve never scored a full feature before; I’ve done short things here and there, and a couple of TV things, but that’s something that I’ve discovered, through the process, that I really, really love and enjoy. It’s painting with an empty canvas, and not trying to stay within the parameters of a certain genre.

He continued to share that it’s been really fun for him to try something that he really loves.

“It’s been really fun for me to try that and find out that it’s something I really, really love,” he continues. “I think all of us have different things that allow us and afford us the opportunity to have other creative outlets. And I think it’s also healthy, because it keeps us fresh when we come back together as well.”

I had no idea that he loved acting!!! I hope this doesn’t break up Rascal Flatts.


This is crazy!

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