BREAKING: Legendary Singer Found Dead, Cause Not Yet Released


Legendary singer was just found dead and the cause is still a mystery to fans. Prayers for the family during this heartbreaking time.

You may know her as the “Queen of the Blues.” Her talent is unmatched and her love for music was pioneering for all of those following in her steps.

Denise LaSalle has died at the age of 78, according to several reports including The Jackson Sun.

She was married and her husband worked for LaSalle both at her restaurant, managing the Blues Legend Café, and working at the radio station LaSalle and Wolfe owned.

A man by the name of Walter Reid confirmed the news sharing about how LaSalle and her husband changed his life. They cared for him when he was a young man and helped him get on his feet with a job.

“I’d done work as a D.J., but never on the radio, and they took me under their wing at 19 years old. And gave me a job and a chance to work. She was the Queen of the Blues,” Reid said.

Apparently he saw her just a few weeks ago and she was trying to get better, unfortunately that wasn’t the case for the Queen of Blues.

Anyone that knew her is heartbroken to hear the news. She wasn’t just any normal artists but she truly pulled out the best in others. And was so generous and loving.

Reid was just one person that she and her husband impacted in such an incredible way.

“I went and saw her in Milan a few weeks ago when she was trying to get better. And I talked to her for a little while. She and James treated me like a son, and I think of them like parents. I thank them for all they did for me.”

She was truly a legend and is going to be missed deeply.



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