BREAKING: Longtime Movie Star Just Lost His Battle With Cancer


Famous movie star loses his life after a long battle with cancer, RIP.

He is famous Russian actor and he has lived and worked in the U.S. for more than 30 years. Oleg Vidov has died at the the age of 73 after a lengthy battle with cancer leaving thousands heartbroken.

According to Opposing Views the actor has starred in over 50 movies throughout his career in acting. Some of his most popular films include “Red Heat” with Arnold Schwarzenegger and “Wild Orchid” with Mickey Rourke.

Vidov died on May 15 after suffering from many cancer-related complications. He passed away in Westlake Village, California according The Hollywood Reporter. His wife released a statement confirming his death saying that her heart is broken after watching him suffer for so long.

“My wonderful husband and soulmate … passed last night peacefully and with dignity,” wife Joan Borsten wrote in a Facebook announcement. “Oleg waged a long and very quiet war against multiple myeloma, a terrible disease for which there is no cure. My heart is broken.”

Apparently the movie star had been in the hospital for several weeks before his death surrounded by loved ones the entire time. Vidov was an incredible man with a huge heart.

When he was in his younger years the actor worked at a hospital, later he found the need to start his own recovery center. That’s exactly what he did too. He went on to found Malibu Beach Recovery Centers, “an addiction rehabilitation program”.

While interviewing a while back he shared that he was inspired to start the centers in part from his “innate desire to encourage people to better their lives.”

“My parents were also helping people their whole lives, and my aunt in Kazakhstan helped refugees that were running from the Nazis,” he told the site in 2013. “Times were difficult, and she taught them how to survive. … So when I came to the U.S., it was natural for me to try and help people. When Joan first talked about opening the clinic, I knew that we should do it.”

This man has made a mark on history and he will never be forgotten.



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