BREAKING: Longtime Music Star Just Found Lifeless At Home, He Was Only 39


Famous music star found dead at home age age 39, he was too young…

He is the singer for the alternative metal group Nothingface, Matt Holt, is now dead at age 39. The singer passed away at his home in Maryland on April 15 but it wasn’t too surprising when we found out.

Loudwire announced the death saying that Holt had been battling a degenerative illness for the past few years and he was extremely sick. As of now there haven’t been any other details about the death of Holt, but it is absolutely heartbreaking to hear.

He became a part of the band in 1995 when he replaced their lead singer, and since day one he has been a music sensation. Holt was most known for his insane vocal range where he could go from girth growling to pure high notes within moments of each other.

Many artists and fans in the alternate scene really admired and looked up to Holt because he was such an incredible vocalist. In 2004 the band split up after having many problems with their label company and it wasn’t until a full year later that they decided to reunite.

After the band reunited their career in music didn’t go as well as they had hoped with the comeback and after losing their lead guitarist, they slowly dwindled to nothing and gave up the band once and for all. Apparently the guitarist blamed Holt for the teams final break up saying that he had poor work ethic.

We are heartbroken to hear about the death of Holt. Please continue to keep his family in your prayers as they mourn his loss.

Although his band hasn’t been around for a while he was still considered one of the greatest, and he will always be remembered as that.


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