BREAKING: Music LEGEND Just Found Lifeless, Prayers For The Family


Another music legend has been found dead, please say a prayer for this family.

He was known as one of the greatest harmonica players of all time, and he was found dead on Thursday (March 16) at age 81 in Austin, TX. James Cotton was a Blues Harmonica Legend and he will be greatly missed.

Cotton worked with legendary bands like Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf and he helped establish the harmonica as a very important piece to blues music. Marc Lipkin, who is the director of publicity at Alligator Records, released a statement saying that Cotton had passed away from Pneumonia.

According to NY Times, Cotton’s career really kicked off around the years 1954 to 1966. Cotton was living in Chicago and played with Waters with incredibly talented musicians like Jimmy Rogers and Otis Spann.

Here’s the catch to the story though, Cotton was not hired to play on Water’s recordings until 1956. Before that he was only someone they would call to come in to work in the studio some.

“I was there for a couple of years before I got to be on the albums,” Mr. Cotton explained in a 2001 interview for the PBS documentary “American Roots Music.” “Muddy wanted me to be just like Little Walter. I told him, ‘Hey, I’ll never be Little Walter, but I can play your music, so you’ve got to give me a chance.’ I guess he heard that.”

It wasn’t until 1966 that Cotton decided to have a solo career in the business and he quickly became a music legend. James Cotton Blues Band was set apart because of Cotton’s incredible harmonica skills and that’s what made him so unique and so loved.

We are heartbroken to hear about the death of Cotton. He truly changed music forever and Blue’s will never be the same without him.



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