BREAKING: Voice Winner Sundance Head’s Family Rushed To The ER, Please PRAY!


Sundance Head stole all of our hearts the moment he stepped on The Voice’s stage.

He’s humble and down to earth despite being INSANELY talented. We saw him week after week pouring his entire heart out on stage, while kindly asking for our votes. We obviously obliged.

Sundance has a voice unlike any we’ve ever heard, and his heart matches that voice and then some. You can tell just by the way he carries himself that he’s a caring man. And it mostly likely has to do with how he was raised!

Sundance is the son of a well known R&B icon, Roy Head. His most famous song was “Treat Her Right”, which held strong at the No. 2 spot on the Billboard Pop and R&B charts. It never reached the No. 1 spot thanks to a measly song by a measly band… “Yesterday” by The Beatles. (OK obviously kidding about the “measly”-ness.)


We saw Roy in the crowd as Sundance was announced winner of The Voice, and he of course couldn’t have been more proud of his son. The adoration was more than noticeable.

But now it seems as if Sundance’s beloved father is in  some trouble. On Thursday night, Dec. 29th, Sundance went to Facebook to ask America for their prayers. His father was being rushed to the ER due to a “ruptured aorta.”

Sundance’s post was simple and to the point.

Sundance’s wife, Misty, then took to Facebook with a more detailed update on what was going on. She explained that Roy had  “aneurism bleed out in stomach somehow from this morning till now was able to clot on its own with out bleeding out elsewhere.” She also explained in the same post that Roy had been having back pain since Monday morning but never thought anything of it- until that pain became unbearable no Thursday.

The morning after that, Dec. 30th, Sundance took to Facebook to give an update.

“Pops is stable. Sedated while they start dialysis for his kidneys. Blood pressure still good. Nurses are taking great care of him. Thank you all for he prayers they are working. Once he made it through surgery surgeon came out and spoke to us and around his neck was a chain with a big cross so I knew he was in the hands he needed to be in. Will post more soon once we find out more thank you all god bless.”

What a relief! It is obvious however that the fight is not over with. WE are praying for Roy as he now recovers form surgery. Praying that he will recover quickly with absolutely no complications.

Whatever the next step is for Sundance and his family, we know that it will be directed by God. 

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