Carrie Underwood Just Broke Down On Stage, My Heart Hurts…


Carrie Underwood just lost it on stage in front of thousands. The reason why is heart wrenching.

This year was Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley‘s tenth year serving as the hosts of the CMA Awards. They are known for this and keep everyone laughing and light hearted at every ceremony.

Unfortunately, this year country music has seen some devastating things. Although things were still kept lighthearted there was a very serious and heartbreaking moment involved.

Carrie Underwood was chosen to perform a song to tribute to all of those who lost their lives at the country music festival mass shooting a couple of months ago. So many innocent lives were taken, and on country music grounds.

Eddie Montgomery also made an appearance that was emotional because his duet partner Troy Gentry died in a tragic plane crash. It was Carries performance that really brought the audience to tears though.

Even she couldn’t hold it together on stage. Meanwhile, she was wearing a beautiful white dress and started to sing the beloved hymn, “Softly and Tenderly.” As she sang the faces and names of those that died in the tragic mass shooting flashed across the screen.

It was such a beautiful but extremely heartbreaking moment. By the end of the song, when the faces started flashing Underwood couldn’t hold it together any longer. She started crying and was barely able to sing.

It was one of the most emotional and magical moments in country music history. It was so powerful too. Even people who couldn’t be at the venue said they could feel Jesus in their living room.

Not sure there will ever be a more powerful performance on the . Just felt Jesus in our living room. Amazing job @carrieunderwood -TheSwonBrothers

This is heartbreaking. Watch her break down in the video below:

RIP to all the victims.

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