Chris Stapleton Shares Sad Announcement With All Of His Fans


Chris Stapleton just shared a sad announcement with all of his fans. I’m tearing up…

If you are a country fan you know that Chris Stapleton became a county music asset not long after his first debut. It was as if the star became a sensation overnight.

Although, we know that he worked really hard to be where he is today.

Since he has become one of the leading artists in country music we are really starting to learn a lot about the guy. In one of his most recent interviews Stapleton opened up about sad songs, and honestly it made me sad.


Stapleton shared that he actually likes sad songs. In fact, the country star says that they actually make him happy.

He says that they are so relatable and help you feel like you’re not alone in this world and that’s what he really loves about them. Apparently his wife, Morgane, feels the same way that he does.

“In the strangest way, sad songs make me happy. My wife is the same way. She likes sad songs. I think I like sad songs because when you sing sad songs or heartbreak songs, everybody’s been there at one point or another. It makes everybody feel less alone if they are in that space. I feel like those songs have more power than happy songs, sometimes. Not that happy songs don’t have power, but they’re harder to come by.”

Stapleton continued to talk about his music stating that singles will never win. He shared that although full album sales are declining, he believes that they will still always reign over singles.

The fact is that people are always going to keep making albums. He believes that if artists continue to be creative, people will want to listen to their albums.

“I think if a certain segment of our population as consumers and as creators want to have that (singles) culture we’re gonna have that, but I think there’s always gonna be a set of listeners who want something a little more than that.

I think if we take care and are mindful to keep creating albums that people actually want to listen to; it falls over on this side. There’s always gonna be somebody making an album because they’re in love with it in some way, shape or form. I don’t think it will ever go away, personally.”

I did not expect him to love sad songs!

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