Country Music Legend Just Rushed To Hospital With Deadly Heart Condition


Country music legend was rushed to the hospital after complications from a life-threatening heart condition.

After being hospitalized almost a year ago for a serious medical condition, Billy Joe Shaver, found himself there again but this time it was worse. Last time the country outlaw was in the hospital he was said to have been on his death bed for several days, before he recovered enough to go home.

When he was released from the hospital Shaver released a statement saying that he was going to be back on tour soon, and that everyone needed to stop worrying about him.

“I was on my deathbed for two days,” Shaver said through a statement posted by his tour manager. “I came back to kick some more ass. Please stop calling my phone its ringing off the hook. See you on tour soon. Love you all.”


Now, he is struggling with the same deadly heart condition and fans are praying like never before. His tour manager, Jeremy Lynn Woodall, released a statement on his Facebook sharing that Shaver is in the hospital yet again.

The 77-year-old legend was admitted into the hospital because of his heart condition, but his manager says that there shouldn’t be anything for fans to worry about. Both of his shows for the week were having to be rescheduled and everyone is heartbroken to hear that he is in poor health again.

This isn’t just the second round of health complications for the outlaw either. Over the past couple of years he has had to deal with many other issues with his knees, his shoulders and even his back!

Shaver has pushed through so many obstacles throughout his career and I hope that he can push through this one too! Please continue to keep him and his family in your prayers during this difficult time.

We are praying for you Shaver!!!

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