Country Music Releases Emotional News Just Weeks After Deadliest Mass Shooting


This is what country music is all about. My heart is breaking for all of the families that lost loved ones.

October first two thousand and seventeen is a date that will never be forgotten by Americans. It was the day that a man decided to open fire on a crowd of tens of thousands.

The shooting happened during Jason Aldean’s headlining set at the Route 91 Harvest festival in Las Vegas. The shooting which left 58 dead and over 600 wounded has forever scarred the hearts of country fans and Americans everywhere.

Of course, the event has taken a huge toll on all of those in attendance and even on country artists. Although not all of the country artists were there when the shooting happened, it still hit them close to home. It was their fans out there.

Now it’s one of the biggest weeks in country music, the CMA’s. And country artists have decided to take a moment and remember all of those who lost their lives.

CMA chief executive Sarah Trahern released a statement saying that although the CMA’s are fun, this year is definitely different than all of the others. The massacre is still the one thing on everybody’s mind.

“Even though a month has passed, the shock of the tragedy in Vegas is still top of mind in our community,” Trahern said. “What many of our colleagues and fans experienced will long be remembered together as we try to understand and heal.”

Tatum Hauck Allsep, executive director of the Music Health Alliance released a statement saying that these fans witnessed what is usually only witnessed by soldiers on the battlefield.

In the ensuing weeks, there has been a massive need for trauma therapy, Allsep said. As the shooting unfolded, husbands texted wives what they believed were their parting words of love. Crew members saw carnage typically only witnessed by soldiers on the battlefield.

Thankfully, the country music comminuted has surrounded all of those affected but the shooting. Music and health care nonprofit groups have combined their resources. Counseling centers provided trauma therapists. For those who could not pay or whose insurance doesn’t include therapy, money was raised to cover the bills according to The Tennessean.

Artist manager Martha Earls with EFG Management also released a statement about the shooting.

“There was no one in the country community who was not directly or indirectly impacted by the shooting in Vegas,” she said. “I also believe that strong bond of community is what will help us collectively heal from this tragedy and move forward even stronger.”

God, heal our land. 

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