After Drunk Driving Crash Toby Keith’s Family Shares Emotional Update


After near fatal crash Toby Keith’s family releases an emotional update. We are still praying for you, Keith family!

It was about 4 months ago that Toby Keith and his family had one of the scariest experiences of their life. His daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter were hit by a drunk driver on the Fourth of July.

The accident was horrifying and it was a miracle that Toby’s family made it out alive. Thankfully, their car did exactly what it was supposed to do and the airbags deployed.

“It was a bad accident, but that car performed really well,” he told Rare Country aboard his tour bus. “I looked at it after it was over, and technology is so good today, they make the front end of the car collapse to where it gives some.”

Now, months later his daughter shared an emotional update on the progress that they have made. It has not been an easy recovery journey for her and she is still in the process.

She recently posted on her social media accounts that her and her husband are still in physical therapy. Not only that, but that it has been hell for them. They are just thankful that God protected them.

“I am having an MRI next week and [my husband and I] are both still in therapy,” she shares. “It’s been hell for us. We try not to complain, and there is no doubt that we are blessed to be alive. God had [his] hand on us.”

Krystal continued to share a little more about the wreck saying that there were three different impacts that took place First in the front, by the drunk driver, then by the boat the car was towing and finally when they went into a ditch.

She says the car saved their lives.

“I honestly feel like our car saved us though,” she admits. “We had just gotten that Mercedes six months before. It’s such a safe car. Personally, I think the car saved our lives.”

Although it’s still hard and emotional for the entire family, she says their daughter is who keeps them motivated to keep going.

“With a toddler at home, we have to keep going and keep life as normal as possible, but we are still juggling doctors appointments and therapy,” she adds. “It’s been a challenge. As a mom, you power through.

This is heartbreaking. Prayers for Krystal and her family.

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