Garth Brooks Just Sent A Warning To All Of His Fans, This Can’t Be Real


Country legend Garth brooks just sent out a huge warning to all of his fans. I can’t believe this is real!

Garth Brooks is no strangers to ticket scalpers and phonies trying to make money off of his concerts. Unfortunately, he just encountered another scam that has his fans furious.

One of cards fans purchased some concert tickets to watch him perform at Fiddler’s Green. He quickly found out that they were attending a completely different concert.

Apparently the real event was a Colorado music Hall of Fame induction concert honoring Colorado artist. The concert was not a Garth Brooks concert and Brooks only came out to perform one solo song.


Currently when the fan had purchased the tickets they were under the understanding that it would have been a fool got Brooks concert. He paid over $125 for the tickets because the third party didn’t give a full disclosure of the concert.

“And I just stood there with my mouth open like… what just happened???” said Michael West, who paid more than $125 for his tickets after he saw a Facebook event promotion for a Garth Brooks concert. “People need to fully investigate the tickets you’re buying, especially from a third party because it could be something completely different.”

Concert promoters said third-party ticket sellers were scalping tickets for hundreds of dollars. Apparently the face value for most of the tickets was $25!

The scam is sickening, and unfair to those who are paying big bucks without knowing exactly what they are purchasing. Chuck Morris, who is the CEO of AEG Presents and Chair of the Colorado Music Hall of Fame released a statement regarding the issue.

“It’s just a really sleazy part of our business and I hate it,” said Chuck Morris, the CEO of AEG Presents and Chair of the Colorado Music Hall of Fame. “It was a magical night, and it’s sad that some people got their tickets through third parties with false advertising. It’s horrible.”

This really is disheartening! I can’t believe people really do these kinds of things. Garth fans deserve better!

I hate that this keeps happening!!!!

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