Garth Brooks Just Stopped His Concert Midway Through, I Can’t Believe He Did This


Garth Brooks just stopped his entire concert for this. I can’t believe it…

Garth Brooks is one of the most respected and influential artists in country music today. He has always been one to put his fans before himself and that’s why we love him so much.

We have seen Garth sing to cancer patients, meet young fans and even give away free concert tickets to fans. The man is one of the kindest humans, and he just proved that at his latest concert.

He was performing in Oklahoma City on Saturday night when something huge happened. A man proposed to his girlfriend in the crowd.

Rumor has it that Garth was playing “Unanswered Prayers” when Drew Bargsley proposed to Chelsea Townsend. Sacramento Bee reported the news saying that Garth stopped his entire concert after hearing the news.

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Of course, there was commotion and people cheering in one area so he stopped to check it out. Therefore, the moment he heard that someone had proposed he did something I never expected the country star to do.

A Facebook user caught the entire thing on camera and it is leaving fans speechless.

“You guys have a date planned?” Brooks asked Townsend, the new bride-to-be. The woman replied that she had “no idea.”

Brooks announced to the crowd that he and Trisha Yearwood would pay for the honeymoon. He did have a requirement that the couple go to Hawaii. I don’t know about you, but I would definitely take that deal!

The crowd went wild, understandably so. Brooks continued to ask the crowd if anyone else was getting engaged at the show.

“Before we go back, is anyone else getting engaged tonight?”

He then went on with his performance. Garth Brooks is an outstanding man, but I truly never expected him to do something like this!

Congrats Drew and Chelsea!

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