Glen Campbell’s Daughter Shares Emotional Post About Him On Father’s Day


Glen Campbell’s daughter just shared an announcement that has all of us in tears. Praying for you…

Glen Campbell has captured the hearts of country fans all over the world throughout his career in music. One of my personal favorite things about Glen is that he is a family man.

He would do anything for his family, and it appears that they would do the same. When Glen was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease his family quickly gathered around him to help him hold up his head as the disease slowly took away his abilities.

After a couple of years Campbell’s wife, Kim, was forced to put him into a full time care facility but hasn’t left him by himself for even a day. In fact, the experience has pushed her to become an advocate for families who are going through the same thing that she is.

“The doctors and my team know what care he needs, and they were an integral part of this family decision.”


The progression of the disease has taken away his ability to talk, sing and even play the guitar. It has been such an emotional time for his family to watch their husband/father slowly wither away.

Father’s Day was a hard day for the family, and his daughter’s post has all of us in tears. Ashley shared an emotional picture of her grasping her hands around her father’s face.

She went on to wish him a Happy Father’s Day and say that she wishes he knew how many people loved him. Although she is with him physically, she knows that she doesn’t really know where he is. The disease is in it’s final stages and it’s been a tough time for all of them.

I can hug you and hold you but I can’t know for sure where you are. I love you dad. I’m here for you. Thank you for giving me everything.

This is heartbreaking…prayers for the family.

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