Gwen Stefani Just Spilled The Beans On Blake Shelton’s Christmas Surprise


Gwen Stefani just shared a huge secret about Blake Shelton’s Christmas gift. You won’t believe what it is.

We all know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but lets be real. Everyone is already looking forward to Christmas. Some more than others.

Gwen Stefani is definitely already planning ahead and just revealed what she is getting Blake Shelton for Christmas. Of course, the real question is “what do you get someone who has everything they want.”

She already has a plan and she let all of their fans know while meeting up with Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon. We all know that any interview she has can’t go on without Shelton being brought up.

Especially now that he is considered PEOPLE’s sexiest man alive.

Jimmy asked Gwen what she is getting “the hottest cowboy ever.” Her response had us all in shock, and it was quite hilarious.

Stefani says that Blake Shelton is too big to fit in any of the furniture at her house. So, she has decided that she is going to buy him a couch for him to sit on when he goes to L.A.

“I think that because he doesn’t fit in any of my furniture at my house—he’s too big. I’m like, ‘[I’m] going to get you a couch and, like, that’s going to be your Christmas present,'” Stefani shared, before continuing, “I try to make him feel comfortable in L.A.” 

As we all know, Shelton is far from an L.A. boy. He is Oklahoma all the way. So it’s nice that Stefani is willing to bring in something that will make him feel a little more comfortable.

And don’t worry, she’s already spilled the beans to Shelton about what she is going to get him for Christmas.

“I already told him because he has everything,” admitted Stefani.

This is so cute and funny! I never expected these two to be together for so long, but it’s really working out for them. watch the full interview in the clip below!

Do you love them together???

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