Hilarious Footage Leaked Of Luke Bryan, You Have To See This


A side of Luke Bryan that we have never seen was just released and we are loving it. This is hilarious.

It’s always so much fun when fans get to see the raw and unfiltered versions of stars. Especially a star like Luke Bryan who has a really hilarious and chill side to him.

Of course, it’s easy to think that these artists are all business because of how much work they do. They like to unwind and have some fun too though!

That’s why we loved that this video came out of Luke Bryan. Furthermore, the country superstar posted a video on his Facebook page doing a dramatic reading of his new song, “Hooked On It.”

Instead of singing the song, Luke is just reading the words in a very dramatic way and it’s hilarious! Meanwhile, you have to see it all in the video below.

Here are the words incase you want to read along:

First time I tied a plastic worm and felt him on the other end
It was get the net, get him in the boat
Yeah buddy, I was hooked on it
First time I heard Chattahoochee on the speakers of my radio
I was topping off the tank on my old tune tone it
I was hooked on it

AndThe first time I got that Gulf Coast white sugar sand on my feet
Saw the sunshine dancing on that clear blue water
I was hooked on it
First time I pulled me a long neck bottle from the bottom of a bucket of ice
As soon as that cold beer hit my lips, I was hooked on it

Hooked on the feeling of a summer in the south
Yeah, Hooked on the dust flying up from a plow
Hooked on them blue eyes, hair falling down
Hooked on her then, still hooked on her now
So many things where I grew up
Once you get a little, you can’t get enough
This small town life runs through my blood
And I’m hooked on it

Like a Friday payday honky tonk buzz
I gotta have a little more of it just because
And I keep coming back to the good stuff, ’cause I’m hooked on it


I love this man!!!

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